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Ambulance Gateway

Saving lives with rescued rescue vehicles!

Rotary International Project C.U.R.E.

Our Vision

We at Ambulance Gateway seek to improve emergency health care in developing communities world-wide by providing to emergency service providers in those communities with medical transport equipment that they could not otherwise afford.

We obtain such equipment from agencies in the United States where standards dictate that such equipment be moved out of service or otherwise replaced. Yet that equipment meets or exceeds the requirements of the receiving agency.

In partnership with Rotary clubs around the world, we act as the intermediary between those agencies and facilitate the transfer of the equipment between them.

The ambulance donor agency receives tax benefits by contributing the equipment to a non-profit organization and improves health care in the target communities. The ambulance recipient agency provides better service through the use of improved equipment that they could not otherwise afford. In transferring this equipment, we extend the life of the equipment which, in turn, reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise be generated if the equipment were discarded or scrapped.

Our vision is to develop a network through which we can obtain ambulances from across the U.S. and distribute them throughout the world. We have partner organizations in Colorado, California, Texas, Mexico, Ghana, and Kenya with more joining us regularly. See our Partners page for a list of our current partners. But we with to expand our service and, therefore, welcome new partners ... those in US communities where ambulances might be obtained, those in Mexico where ambulances can be of service, and those in other countries willing to help us extend our network to underserved international communities.

We also seek business partners, on both sides of the border, who will work with us to make this entire effort possible. We have needs for auto mechanics and detailers, storage facilities for ambulances, and transport businesses (for both ambulances and the people that accompany them). By joining forces with the business community, we can touch more lives and communities and reduce the cost of doing so.

In all that we do, we operate in the spirit of Rotary ... from which we were founded: Service above self.

I.e., this is all about service. We make no money off of this. Instead, we help make the world a better place.

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