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Ambulance Gateway Operations in Kenya


  • None at this time.

AG does not currently have a Coordinator in Kenya. If you represent a Rotary club with interest in serving in that role, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to discuss the opportunity with you.

Though we lack a Coordinator for general Kenyan operations, AG is working with Project C.U.R.E. to develop a partnership through which we will deliver ambulances to Kenya with the assistance of our Distributors in the country.

Like our Distributors everywhere, our Kenyan Distributors are Rotary clubs who act as our on-the-ground, local extension ... interacting directly with our potential ambulance recipients. As such, a Distributor develops relationships with applicants in their community to facilititate ambulance donations from AG. In this role, the Distributor manages the back-end of the donation process including:

  • Evaluating applicants and assisting them in filing appropriate applications.
  • Facilitating the matching process when a donated ambulance is offered to an applicant.
  • Facilitating the hand-over of the ambulance to the recipient on behalf of AG (hopefully with great fanfare).

We hope, of course, to support ambulance donations to communities throughout Kenya by establishing a Coordinator for our operations there. For now, however, we are developing our process with our single Distributor in Bungoma County (see below). Only after we have finalized and proven that process will we seek to extend our network to other counties and start receiving applications from other potential recipients.

See the map below for the current distribution areas. By clicking on a distribution area, you can see information about the organizations leading the AG efforts in that area.

If there is already a Distributor serving your area, please contact them (by clicking on the map below) to see how you might partner with them to strengthen our program.

Kenya Map Bungoma

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