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Ambulance Gateway Operations in United States

AG distributes ambulances from the United States by coordinating overall activities of the network and leveraging Collectors in local communities throughout the country.

AG Collectors are, therefore, critical partners in our efforts. Each Collector is a Rotary club who acts as our on-the-ground, local extension ... interacting directly with our potential ambulance donors. As such, a Collector develops relationships with ambulance agencies in their community and encourages ambulance donations to AG. When an ambulance is offered, the Collector manages the front-end of the donation process including:

  • Evaluating the ambulance for suitability for our program.
  • Documenting the ambulance for processing.
  • Accepting the ambulance on behalf of AG (hopefully with great fanfare).
  • Storing the ambulance until AG arranges for its transport.

AG matches each donated ambulance with an appropriate applicant and arranges for transportation of that ambulance to the recipient.

We hope, of course, to support ambulance donations from across the U.S. and are, therefore, establishing collection areas across the country. In each collection area, we designate a lead organization (which we call a "Collector") and any number of supporting organizations. The supporting organizations assist the Collector in whatever way they mutually agree to. This may be to provide volunteers, find business partners, reach out to ambulance companies, etc.

See the map below for the current collection areas. By clicking on a collection area, you can see information about the organizations leading the AG efforts in that area.

If you are a Rotary club that is interested in joining our network as a Collector in an area that is not currently served, please Contact Us ! If there is already a Collector serving your area, please contact them (by clicking on the map below) to see how you might partner with them to strengthen our program.

If you are an EMS agency that is interested in donating ambulances to our organization, contact the Collector in your area (by clicking on the map below) . If your area is not served, please Contact Us and we will reach out to Rotary clubs in your area to make it happen!

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