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Ambulance #8 (Jan 2011)

Donor: Rural/Metro Ambulance (Denver, CO, US)

Collector: Rotary Club of Aurora Gateway (Aurora, CO, US)

Distributor: Rotary Club of Aurora Gateway (Aurora, CO, US)

Recipient: LifeLand Clinic (Abosomtweagya, Ghana)

2011 ambulance ready for Ghana

LifeLand Clinic is the Abosomtweagya community's primary clinic for medical and trauma emergencies. Rotarian Nana Darko Ampen Ohyeadwira, a sub-chief of the Ashanti Region and owner of the LifeLand clinic, indicated that when it was necessary to refer critical cases to the city hospitals for further care, patients had to rely on public transportation to trauma centers 33 miles away. He expected that the donation of an ambulance would not only help save lives, but benefit the whole community.

The Rotary Club of Aurora Gateway delivered an ambulance from Rural/Metro Ambulance to Lifeland Clinic in Abosomtweagya, Ghana.

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