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Ambulance Gateway Operations

Here we describe how Ambulance Gateway leverages our network of partners to move ambulances from donors to recipients.

EMS agencies in the target countries (highlighted in blue in the map below) apply for ambulances through this AG website. Each applicant is screened by our Distributor partner in the local community.

Ambulance donations are solicited from EMS agencies in the source countries (highlighted in red in the map below). Each offered ambulance is screened by our Collector partner in the local community. If acceptable, the ambulance is donated by the donor to AG.

AG manages the list of current applicants and matches each donated ambulance with the most appropriate applicant. The applicant, upon agreeing to receive the ambulance, pays a set fee for transporting the ambulance from the donor to their facility. Upon receipt of the fee, AG and the Coordinator for the destination country arrange for and coordinate that transportation including processing through customs. They also arrange for the donation of the ambulance from AG to the recipient.

Click on the highlighted countries in the map to learn more about our operations there.

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