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The Ambulance Gateway Network

Ambulance Gateway is, fundamentally, a network of Rotary clubs and business partners that facilitate the transfer of used ambulances from donors to recipients. Each entity fills a particular, but well-defined role in that network. Those roles are descirbed below to help make clear the overall network. This is, by design, an extensible network ... that's how we grow and serve more people. We are always seeking additional partners in this effort. If you are interested in any of these roles, we hope you will Contact Us .

Each of our partners is recognized in multiple ways. We list you here, on our site, as such a partner. Your organization's involvement is recorded in the history of each ambulance you work with. And you are listed on the ambulance, itself, while it is being processed through our network. And, of course, we include you in all media coverage about the distribution of any particular ambulance as well as the AG network, itself.


A donor is an EMS agency that utilizes ambulances in its fleet and donates such an ambulance to Ambulance Gateway when it no longer meets the needs of the agency. By doing so, in addition to the general benefits noted above, the donor receives a tax deduction for the donation and disposes of an old ambulance in a manner that is both ethical and ecological.


A collector is a Rotary club that participates in this project by collecting an ambulance from a donor, preparing the ambulance for distribution, and arranging for transport of the ambulance to the applicable port or border crossing for handover to the distributor. Collectors also seek donors in their community and establish relationships with those donors, acting as Ambulance Gateway's agent in accepting an ambulance.


An exporter is a Rotary club that participates in this project by facilitating the export of an ambulance out of the U.S. This comes in two flavors:

  • A land exporter is a partner in a Mexican border community who helps us move ambulances into Mexico.
  • A sea exporter is a partner in a port community who helps us move ambulances overseas.

The primary responsibility of a land exporter is to provide us temporary storage for ambulances while they are processed by customs. Typically, this storage occurs on the grounds of a business partner. Being a border community, it is not unusual to host the hand-over ceremony in which the recipient receives the ambulance from AG (and possibly the donor, themselves).

A sea exporter also supports us with temporary storage facilities. However, this partner takes on additional responsibilities to help us with the actual shipping process.

Country Coordinator

A country coordinator is a Rotary club that acts as the lead club for a target country and coordinates all AG activities in that country. It helps AG establish operations in that country and recruits distributors (below) into the AG network. It also coordinates the activities of each of the distributors in the country, especially by prioritizing distributions made in the country. Finally, it helps coordinate the transport of a donated ambulance from the port of entry to the point of distribution to the recipient.


A distributor is a Rotary club that participates in this project by accepting an ambulance from the collector, arranges for transport of the ambulance to the recipient, and formally hands over the ambulance to that recipient. Distributors also seek recipients in their community, evaluate them and their needs, and help the coordinator (above) prioritize those potential recipients.

In each distribution area, we designate a lead organization and any number of supporting organizations. The lead organization has basic responsibility for receiving the ambulance from the collector and distributing it to the recipient. The supporting organizations assist that lead organization in whatever way they mutually agree to. This may be to provide volunteers, contribute funds, find business partners, etc.

Business Partner

Throughout the process, our collectors and distributors need the assistance of businesses in their community. Typically, we need help in the following areas:

  • We need mechanics to evaluate ambulances that might be donated, determining whether they meet the requirements of Ambulance Gateway. In some cases, we may need mechanical work done on the ambulances to bring it into compliance with those requirements.
  • We need detailers who can remove and add logos, etc, to a donated ambulance ... thereby preparing it for its trip to the recipient.
  • We need storage facilities, places where we can temporarily store donated ambulances while they are being processed.
  • We need agencies which can transport an ambulance from the donor city to the border crossing. Similarly, we need transport agencies on the recipient's side of the border to transport the ambulance from the border to the recipient. And, for overseas distributions, we need agencies that can transport the ambulance from one port to the other.
  • Finally, we need transportation agencies which can transport people involed in the overall effort. Typically, that might entail getting the recipients to the ambulance or returning transport crews to their home location.

If you are a business that can help in this effort and are located in a community in which one of our collector or distributor organizations operated, please Contact Us .


A recipient is an EMS agency that needed an ambulance in its fleet to improve its service. Ambulance Gateway facilitates the provision of such ambulances. See our Applicant Info page for more information about the application process. See our Recipient Summary page for a information about our past recipients.

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