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Interested in Getting an Ambulance?

Ambulance Gateway is dedicated to providing usable ambulances to medical care providers who cannot otherwise afford such an ambulance and are likely to put such ambulances to good use in under-served international communities. If you believe you are a such a provider, please read this information. This program is not for everyone, you must meet the criteria described here to qualify. And, even if you qualify, there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will get an ambulance as we cannot guarantee availability and will, at all times, distribute what ambulances we get to the highest priority applicants.

We can only serve you if we have a distributor in your area. The distributor is the Rotary club that you will interact with and, if all goes well, provide the ambulance to you. Our distributors are listed on our Partners page.

Because we are accepting ambulances from US-based agencies which compete with each other as private enterprises in a free market, we require our recipients to be in another nation (which includes Native American nations within US boundaries that are recognized as sovereign entities).

Though we make every effort to accept only serviceable ambulances that meet our requirements, we cannot (and do not) guarantee that they will continue to perform acceptably after reciept. These ambulances, like any other (perhaps even more so), require maintenance on a regular basis. Recipients must be able to provide such maintenance, else it is not worth the effort to distribute the ambulance. So, such an ambulance will not be "free".

And shipment of these ambulances, as well as other incidentals, cost money. To assure Ambulance Gateway that you have the resources to maintain and utilize such an ambulance over an extended period of time and to help reduce our costs in providing the ambulance to you, we require a fee from each recipient. Please see our ambulance processing fee page for current information about that fee.

We provide ambulances only to agencies that demonstrate both the need for such equipment and the ability to utilize it.

If you believe you meet the criteria described above and would like to apply for an Ambulance Gateway ambulance, please complete and submit the application available from our Application page. If you meet those requirements, you will be accepted into the program and placed on a prioritized waiting list based on your particular needs. When an ambulance becomes available that is deemed to match your needs, you will be given the opportunity to accept it or turn it down. If you accept, the distributor will coordinate delivery to you.

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