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Interested in Donating an Ambulance?

Ambulance donors are the lifeblood of Ambulance Gateway. Ambulance Gateway is dedicated to providing usable ambulances to medical care providers in under-served international communities who cannot otherwise afford such an ambulance. We obtain these ambulances from US-based medical service agencies who have determined that a particular ambulance will no longer be utilized and are looking for a beneficial, ecological, and simple method of dispensing with the vehicle. Ambulance Gateway distributes ambulances only to under-served communities in developing nations (which includes Native American nations within US boundaries that are recognized as sovereign entities). So you need not fear that your donated ambulance will be utilized by one of your US competitors. If you are interested in becoming a donor, please read this information.

Ambulance Gateway can only accept ambulances from agencies in areas for which we have a collector. The collector is the Rotary club that will interact with you and facilitate the donation of an ambulance. Our collectors are listed on our Partners page. If your area is not served, please Contact Us immediately. We would love to extend our network and will work hard at rapidly establishing a collector in your area if we know of your interest.

Before donating a vehicle, you must join the Ambulance Gateway network. This is a simple process in which you meet with the collector in your area and sign a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which describes the responsibilities of each party. The MOU entails no legal obligations and may be terminated at any time for any reason. The purpose of the MOU is to ensure that each party understands how the Ambulance Gateway program works. Once you have joined the network, you will be included in our promotional materials and marketing as one of our donors.

We accept ambulances that meet very basic criteria. First, and foremost, they must be road-worthy, safe, and serviceable at the time of donation. Ambulance Gateway does not repair or service donated vehicles. We will, however, evaluate each ambulance that is offered to our program with the aid of a certified mechanic. If we deem it satisfactory mechanically and judge it useful to at least one of our applicants, we will accept the ambulance. There is no expectation at all that the vehicle will continue to function well. You are asked for no such guarantee and are in no way responsible for its future performance.

The donation process is simple. You simply contact the collector and inform them of the availability of the vehicle. The collector will arrange for a mechanic to evaluate the ambulance and then make a determination whether it is appropriate for our program. If so, you will sign over the title and the collector will take the ambulance. In return, you get an acknowledgement of the donation to a nonprofit organization (for tax purposes) and the satisfaction of having helped make the world a better place.

Ambulance Gateway will then coordinate the delivery of the ambulance to the most appropriate applicant ... usually within a few weeks. If you would like to be involved in the hand-off ceremony, Ambulance Gateway will keep you informed of the progress of that delivery and invite you to participate in the hand-off. We cannot, however, fund your participation. But we hope you'll be interested in participating, anyway!

Throughout the delivery process, and forever afterwards, you will be honored as the donor of the ambulance to the recipient. You'll be included in all media coverage about the ambulance donation and you'll be remembered on our website on the page that describes that particular donation and delivery. Also, if you wish, Ambulance Gateway will provide you with annual updates about the usage of your donated vehicle.

If you are interested in becoming an ambulance donor for Ambulance Gateway, please contact the applicable collector (per our Partners page) now!

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